Lenovo Reverse Fn Key and Touchpad Scroll and How To Fix It

[I]’m pretty sure the topic i’m going to tell about is not interesting for some people, just by looking at this blog post title you can catch it. But at the same time some people will find it useful just like a child finds a wood stick to be playing with, pretend that it is a sword. And i remember “you can’t pleased everyone” so i hope you are that child.


You have Lenovo laptop, then i assume (i’m not 100% sure all of Lenovo laptop series have these kind of “features”) you have these problems :
– Fn Key is reversed
– So is Touchpad scroll

Reverse Fn Key

Let’s say you are opening Google Chrome browser and want to make it full screen, of course you press the F11 key but what happen next will surprise you. Instead of the browser becomes full screen, the brightness of the screen is decreased. If you really want to make it full screen all you have to do is press Fn+F11 which is in normal situation that combo key is used to decrease the brightness of the screen. I hope now you know why i call it “reverse”.

I don’t know why Lenovo team put this as default setting since it’s not a normal setting and will annoy common users.

Solution for this problem (if you call it that) is very simple, just disable the hotkey mode in BIOS

Reverse Touchpad

Scroll down using touchpad on Lenovo laptop and the page will scroll up. Yes up not down.

Go to Control Panel->Mouse->Device Settings (rightmost)->Settings….
From there click on Multi-Finger tab and choose Two Fingers inner tab and make sure “Reverse scrolling direction” is unchecked.
touchpad scroll setting

Hope this short blog post will help you 😀

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