Git Github Generating SSH Keys on Windows

As the title above, this post is intended to Windows users that have Git installed and would like to generate SSH keys pair to be used in Github instead of using HTTPS. Why would someone use SSH in connecting with Github?. There are many reasons, one of the reason is this fatal: could not read Username for “”: No such file or directory

Git Generate SSH

Generate SSH Keys

GeneratingSSH keys is simple. On Windows, Git comes with preinstalled software named Git GUI. Open it and go to Help->Show SSH Key
git gui

After the window is open click “Generate Key“. Enter the “passphrase” with everything you want but easy for you to remember, it’s just like password. The result is something like this.
generate key

Don’t forget to copy that key and we will paste it later.

Add SSH Key to Github

Open your Github “Account Setting“, it’s located on right top corner.
account setting

Click “SSH Keys” in the left sidebar
ssh key menu

Click “Add SSH key
add ssh key

Paste the key you copied earlier into the “Key” field
paste here

Click “Add key
add key

The last, confirm the action by entering your GitHub password.

Test It

Everything has been set up, now is time to test it. Open “Git Bash” and type

you will be prompted to type in your passphrase, enter it.

You may see this warning

Type “yes

If the username is you then congratulation!

“Hi username! You’ve successfully authenticated, but GitHub does not
# provide shell access.”

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