Creating Github Page in Less Than 5 Minutes

github page

GitHub is a web based hosting service for software development projects that use the Git revision control system. Other than that, Github gives every member a facility to make web pages that can be edited through git repository. If you are wondering how to make github pages for personal use like online portfolio, than this blog post is really for you. Just fyi github also provides web pages for your projects, you can have several pages as many as your projects.

Follow this step to create your first github pages :
1. Create new repository with a name format

2. Clone the repository into your local directory

3. Enter the directory of local repository

4. Create your index.html file, you can write whatever you want to make your page beautiful. Just to make thing simple here’s my example

5. Add the index.html to git staging area

6. Do a commit to save the works

7. Push the new change to remote repository

You will be asked about yur username and password, enter correctly

8. Wait some minutes, it takes time to show your web pages. After that go to

Less than 5 minutes to make it 😀
I hope you enjoy this tutorial

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