Comparing BigDecimal Value in Java


Long time i didn’t write blog post in English. I’m afraid my skill on this will slowly fade away, so here i go, switching to English 😀 .In this article i’m gonna explain about how to compare BigDecimal value in Java. For those who already have an intermediate skill in Java it’s not a big deal, but it is for newcomers. This article won’t take your precious time and won’t make you have “too long;didn’t read” feeling.

When comparing primitive data type we will definitely use comparison operator which are “<", ">” and others. Now, try using those operators to compare BigDecimal value and tell me what you got.

Yep, annoying red will show up

Short conclusion : we can’t use those operators to compare BigDecimal value.
Solution : use compareTo method

This method will return :
-1 if method caller is less then the parameter value
0 if method caller is equal then the parameter value
1 if method caller is greater then the parameter value

Here’s the snippet that might help you for better understanding

And the result

It is self-explained i guess, isn’t it? 😀
Happy coding 🙂

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