Check username availability PHP with jQuery AJAX


Check username availability PHP. Username and password is widely used in any modern web site right now. Username is unique, it must be different with others. Therefore, we as developers have to write a code to check whether a username is already been taken or not yet.
I wrote simple code to do live check username availability using jQuery and Ajax in PHP.Live means you don’t need to click the submit button then send username into another code that returns availability of username. You can customize the code to better suit your need.

Table Structure

this is the html form and jQuery function to perform check username availability PHP

This code will return a value which is 0 to indicate that username is available or 1 indicate that username can’t be used. We use this simple logic, 0 or 1 to check username availability PHP

Try to type some letters in the username text field and then change focus of the cursor on the password field. Checking is on the way
Check username availability PHP

If the username you wrote is not yet registered, the system will tell you that it is available to be used.
Check username availability PHP

However if you pick up username that have been registered the system will tell you too
Check username availability PHP

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